Antilopjakt, Hajfiske & Leopard

Hunting is done in the central and northwestern parts of Namibia, 90 minutes drive north of the capital city, Windhoek. The main hunting area (16 000 ha or 40 000 acres), is part of a big conservancy, which spans more than 800 000 acres. Most of the hunting is done on foot, and there are 33 game species available for hunting. Depending on the circumstances, one can also hunt in the conservancy with permission of the owner. Guests have the option to hunt in a low fenced area, which is a 15 min drive from the lodge. The hunting area totals 20 000 ha or +/- 50 000 acres.

Lots of hunters are choosing to go out to the coastal city Swakopmund after the hunt where we can arrange shark fishing for those interested.


One of our partner is specialising in Leopard hunting and therefore also have very high success rate.


Campen är jätte trevlig med pool och härligt inredda rum så den lämpar sig även för icke jägare

Förslag på Antilop & Hajfiske paket

Dag 1 Upphämtning Windhoek flygplats ca. 2 timmar med bil till campen

Dag 2 - 6 Jakt

Dag 7 Bilfärd på ca 5 timmar till Swakopmund

Dag 8 - 10 Relaxing i Swakopmund med möjlighet för Hajfiske

Dag 11 ca 4 timmar till Windhoek och flyg hem

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